Higher Ed Abroad: A Photo Tour

Scotland 2015 009I just returned from a lovely trip to Scotland. I spent time in St. Andrew’s, the home of the University of St. Andrew’s…you know…where Wills and Kate met?? NBD. The fun part (besides the whole “being in a different country” thang) was that it was commencement day! Below are some of my shots from around campus.

Red Gown – At first glance, these students seem like they’re slouching but current students wear them differently based on their class year. Fun.

reunion scotland

THE CAREER CENTER! Or should I say CareerS CentRE.

Career Center poster set up

Signs from other offices – Residence Life (“Accommodation Services“) & Student Services (“Advice & Support Centre“):


Last but not least, a chapel involved in some of the graduation proceedings. WOW!

Scotland 2015 005

See you next week!