Best of 2015 Assessment Style

2015-03-14_OhNoLogo22-abby32015 was a big year for Oh No. In our first almost year of chatting assessment with you all we’ve written 54 posts, reached over 2,000 of you, and learned a lot along the way (like, posting 3x/week is a bit much for everyone…). I love end of the year time when all kinds of media go into review mode, highlighting big moments of the year. So in kind, voila

Oh No‘s Most Popular Posts of 2015:

4-stay course3-yikyak assess eval what doing 2-Assess Eval Research

And our most popular post of 2015 :::drum roll:::

1 - Incentiv Res Curr

Thank you Matt Kwiatkowski for your post!

THANK YOU so much for your readership this year! We are SO thankful for your support and look forward to talking more assessment with you all in 2016!

Outside of the Oh No-sphere, check out my 2 favorite year-end reviews:


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