Assessment in the Sun: Summer To Do List

2015-03-14_OhNoLogo22-abby3It’s summer and while I’m excited  to relax, I’m also looking forward to CRUSHING my summer office to-do list. There are many tangible items I need to complete (like hanging these 2 pictures that’ve been on my desk for 2 years – bah!), but with more consecutive hours of uninterpreted think time in this season, I’m focusing on those to-do’s that are less task-y and more nebulous. Most of the listed items center around the theme of “get caught up on thinking” – reflecting on our programs and learning goals and what is needed to make these more effective. So here I am, declaring to the world (well…er…the tiny portion of the world who reads this blog) my non-S.M.A.R.T. (yet smart?) assessment goals for the summer season. Maybe some of them will be similar to or complement assessment summer goals of your own (or not!):

  1. Check in with the office’s overall purpose and place in the institutional goals (read: are we on the right direction?)
    1. Review the College’s strategic plan (for the billionth time, but still, I see some part of it differently every time)
    2. Review the office mission statement (and fully memorize it…right now I know it like people know the song Sweet Caroline – I am confident and loud during the favorite parts and then mumble the rest)
    3. Review office 2014-2015 goals
  2. Channel the greats of compelling visual storytelling
    1. Edward Tufte
      1. “Loot” (as ET would say) through Beautiful EvidenceBea Evi coverand The Visual Display of Quantitative InformationVis Display cover
    2. David McCandless
      1. Watch his TED Talk The beauty of data visualization 
    3. Maria Popova
      1. Brain Pickings
    4. The New York Times
  3. Learn a lot of needed stuff (I warned you that these wouldn’t be S.M.A.R.T.!)
    1. Check out my playlist for the watch list
  4. Figure out the impossible secret solution to how to effectively simultaneously manage (read: juggle like crazy) the dream and the details…the big picture and the little picture…the yearly and the daily…whatever you call it
    1. Commit to relationship with ONE task app (currently I’m courting about 4 – successfully but inefficiently)
    2. Which task apps do you all like? Trello? DropTask? Google Tasks?
  5. Hang those two damn pictures on my desk! Arggg!! (Ok, not an assessment goal, but important nonetheless…)

What’s on your summer assessment to-do list?

2 thoughts on “Assessment in the Sun: Summer To Do List

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