Data-dive into Memorial Day

Alright you assessment lovers it’s Memorial Day. We all serve veterans as students on our campuses in some form. Today I hope you remember the fallen, thank a veteran, and, perhaps, eat a hot dog (or portobello pup). Here is a brief look at some information (and fun facts!) about this day of remembrance:

Ten Things You Should Know About Today’s Student Veteran – by Alison Lighthall (2012, via the NEA). In my quest to raise my own awareness of the student veteran population and their needs, this provided an enlightening overview.

How Countries Around the World Celebrate Memorial Day – TIME Magazine looks at how other countries celebrate their take on Memorial Day. New Zealand’s commemoration involves gambling. Fun. Watch the video on the history of Memorial Day too.

Memorial Day Weekend Traffic, Sales, & More, by the NumbersMONEY Magazine reviews the stats from Memorial Day weekend. This number…WOW!

hot dog

Memorial Day Weekend By the NumbersTravel + Leisure gives an interesting run down; watch your speed and avoid the zoo!


Take a quiet moment to honor the veterans in your life. The National Moment of Remembrance is 3:00pm today.

 Thank you to those who’ve served our country, past and present. 


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