Assessment Life: Assessment People are People Too

Assessment is not just for “numbers” people; it’s for you. I’m not a numbers person, but I am an assessment person. And so are you. Here are a few other images from an assessment person’s (i.e., me, in this case) life.Found on phone

I saw this on my commute to work. It infuriated me. Right, because the message here is: asking for help is stupid?? Arg!IMAG0442

Minneapolis’ famed Walker Art Center Sculpture Garden (my favorite site in my home city!) featured this relevant quote in one of its pieces Selections from the Living Series by Jenny Holzer:IMAG0461

(In case you can’t read it: “Affluent college-bound students face the real prospect of downward mobility. Feelings of entitlement clash with the awareness of imminent scarcity. There is resentment at growing up at the end of an era of plenty coupled with reassessment of conventional measures of success.“)

See you Monday!

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