Assessment + Humor


TGIF assessment friends! I have so much More Than Usual FUN planned for this weekend: going to a Twins game, seeing Avengers, razzing Mark about his (bad) joke campaign (brace yourself, Twitter!), brunch galore, and so much more! But to kick it off, here are two things that made me smile this week:

What I think my students think: 

eye-contactI’m a persistent ‘hello-er’ – if we’ve spoke before (if even only once) then I will say hi to you when we pass on the sidewalk, whether you like it or not. I’m from Iowa, and IOWANS SAY HI! 

 What makes you laugh when you love assessment AND the Olympics:

kaylaI looooooove the Olympics and to this day love the ‘McKayla does not approve’ memes. Have I also mention that I love stuff that is outdated (like this meme)??

 Have a great weekend! See you Monday!

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