Assessment + Humor (yes, they can coexist)


Friday is FUNday at Oh no! Time for a more-than-usual post…

Assessment, it’s easier than you think (what are the tubes telling us about the users? ;-D): 


What I justify to myself when I’m being a cranky-pants “know-it-all” (any other ESTJ’s in the house????):


What my writing process was like this week (Mark’s inbox can attest to this :-P):the-creative-process

How I felt when so many people tweeted at us, favorited our tweets, and/or retweeted our posts:


YOU GUYS! We cannot thank you enough for your support of Oh no. You have been the highlight of our week! Please continue reading, and please click “Subscribe” so you can get Oh no delivered right to your inbox. What luxury!

See you Monday!